Thursday, September 6, 2012

On the Prairie

As a child, I became a bit obsessed with A Little House on the Prairie books.  My sister had the set, and I anxiously gobbled each book down.  I could not get enough and I felt so sad when I read the last one.  No worries, I went back and read them all again.  I still have that set saved for my daughter.  There was something so wonderful as I sat there and read about an ordinary girl who had exciting adventures in a world much different and simpler than my own.  Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about her experience on the American Frontier.  She traveled by covered wagon with her beloved family.  The little pioneer girl grew up to marry Almanzo Wilder (and even wrote books about his childhood).  With Almanzo, Laura continued her journey as a pioneer woman.

We really like to make reading fun in our home.  I encourage my daughter to read whenever she wants.  At night we pick 2-4 books to enjoy together.  I knew the original  A Little House on the Prairie might be a tad too long for her, but was overjoyed to find the My First Little House on the Prairie books.  These books use a simplified story line for children ages 3 and up.  They are wonderful picture books adapted from the Laura Ingalls Wilder classics. There are currently 14 books for you and your little ones to enjoy. Like myself, my daughter really loves hearing about what to her is a foreign way of life.  No gimmicks, no "characters", just lovely stories.  My nephews love them too!

Bring the magic of simple childhood back to your little ones.  Cuddle them close and enjoy story time in a world where electronics, TV and video games did not exist.

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