Monday, September 10, 2012

The Organic Quilter

I have tended to avoid the fabric store like some kind of plague.  I cannot take the feel of so many of the fabrics there, and always end up ordering online to get the prints I want.  Birch Fabrics has 100% organic cotton fabrics in so many different designs.  They are all organic cotton, so no pesticides, and are printed with low-impact dyes.  You can find modern to retro prints with a huge dose of whimsy and fun. Take a journey over to to get your favorites!

When I was sent some fabrics to try, I got really excited.  Then my sewing machine bit the bullet.  I was devastated.  Here I was swimming in my gorgeous array of  Birch Fabrics with no way to use them.  I thought about hand-sewing, then my Nana spotted the fabric and mentioned "quilt."  Well, I was sold.  My 93-Year Old Nana and I got to work and used every piece of fabric to make my daughter a unique quilt that the whole family adores.  My baby is big on mermaids, so she gravitated to the mermaid-inspired fabrics being the centerpiece.  We are channeling our "Little House on the Prairie" with our gorgeous Birch Fabric quilt.  It came out so well, we decided to use it as her comforter for her bed.

I cannot wait to snatch up more delicious fabric and crafts some organic curtains for our humble abode (assuming my kind husband listens when I say I need my sewing machine fixed posthaste!).  Happy Organic crafting!

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