Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TeePee For Me

I always find the simplest toys provide the most fun for all of the kids in my family.  What started out as a good summer became a great summer when we got a Tee Pee For Me.  TeePee For Me goes back to the days where all your children needed was "a little space of their own."  Kids love forts, tents and the like.  They like feeling that within the larger home, they have a space to call their own. 

TeePee for Me has been in business since May 2003. What began at a craft show in December of 2003 has grown into the leading teepee company of today. We have patented our products to protect the unique qualities of our teepees.

We have been featured in many well-known and respected magazines such as, ForbesLife, Woman’s World, Child, Veranda, Southern Living, US Weekly, Grand Magazine, SkyMall, Real Simple as well as many others. We have also been featured on television on: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Southern Living Presents, and MSNBC’s Hot List. TeePee for Me has also been featured at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

I knew from the minute that we unpacked it, that my daughter was in for years of fun.  There is no complicated construction involved, you simply open and Voila!, let the playing begin.  These TeePee's are handcrafted, and super sturdy.  At one point, I had three tall kids inside.  No moms or adults allowed!  There are variety of patterns to choose from.  We opted for Paper Dolls.  My daughter lives in her TeePee For Me.  She told me it is like a house.  She brings dolls, fake food, literally everything in there.  It reminds me of my time in a tent as a child.  I would beg my parents to set-up the tent in the house so I could play.  The amazing design allows it to set-up and fold away with such ease.  Since I cannot get my daughter out of hers, we have ours up in the playroom full time right now. 

Bring back the simplicity of play.  Let your child's imagination run wild in a space all their own.  Because even the smallest of us need that chance.  "Everybody needs a little space."

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