Monday, August 13, 2012

People's Pops

Summer is not over yet. We are all still enjoying (bemoaning) those days of heat.  Cool yourself and the kids off with homemade ice pops!   People's Pops is full of ideas to make your days cooler with delicious recipes! 

In 2008, three old friends had a hunch that the world deserved a better ice pop. Every summer since, New York City’s been taken by storm with out-of-the-box flavors like Raspberries & Basil, Peach & Bourbon, and Cantaloupe & Tarragon from People’s Pops. Now, the People behind the phenomenon share their DIY ethos in a breezy cookbook that teaches how to pair ingredients, balance sweetness, and explore fruits (and vegetables and herbs!)--in simple recipes that work with standard ice pop molds or improvised ones. With a chapter devoted to shave ice plus recipes for grownup boozy pops sprinkled throughout, People’s Pops proves itself top of the pops.

My cheeky daughter loves any fruit combination.  I am partial to Raspberries & Basil!  I was pleasantly surprised with the delicious combinations.  The recipes are all super easy and fun!  My baby helped me make the Raspberry pop she is enjoying above.  She wanted it for breakfast!  These are truly pops for the people!

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