Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are we there yet?

Summer is not over yet.  Some of you may be wrapping up travel plans, or heading out into the great wide open.  If you have children, you have inevitably heard, "Are we there yet?".  Kids have no concept of the time it takes to get to their great vacations.  We recently took a plan trip to visit grandparents.  My daughter was on the plan for two minutes when she turned to me and said "I thought planes were more fun than this."  Luckily, I had a few tricks up my sleeve.  I had The Original Kid Kit

Sometimes all the crayons and coloring books in the world don't cut it for smart, creative, restless kids on the go. Introducing The Original KidKit™ — a super portable, super original, super fun, reusable, replenishable and eco-friendly activity kit your kids will love.

Reusable and replenishable, The Original KidKit™ is a teacher-and parent-approved, six-in-one workhorse filled with unique kid-pleasers like the dry-erase SMART SLEEVE®, complete with specially designed SMART SLEEVE® insert booklet and the Double-Duty Art Mat™. These activities and more will keep your kids stimulated with art, shapes, words, numbers, learning and creativity during even the most tedious wait, commute or flight delay. 

The genius mom-creator of  The Original Kid Kit even had refill pages you can buy so that your child is never bored.  With kits for kids 3-6 and 7-9 (Girly and Neutral), you have the right way to keep your little one entertained no matter what travels may bring.  My daughter played with her  The Original Kid Kit the entire flight.  She was huge fan of the chalk owl and the fact that the Smart Sleeve allowed her to go through the work book again and again.  She only had to erase for the fun to start all over. 

Save yourself from "Are we there yet?", and instead hear "Aww, we're here already?".

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