Monday, August 27, 2012

Simply Divine Botanicals

Master Herbalist and Natural Healer Barbara Rogers created Simply Divine Botanicals when the negative effects of harmful chemicals on skin became too apparent to ignore.  She created an entire line of chemical-free skincare that works.  As a mom, I am super careful about which skincare and body care I use.  My daughter is around me all day, and I am well aware of chemical sensitivities and effects.  Simply Divine Botanicals takes the guesswork out and makes my routine safe and enjoyable. 

The Melon Medley smells just like summer with watermelon, cucumber and musk melon.  This delicious oil keeps your moisturized all day long. 
Contains melon oils which are high in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. Helps restore elasticity to mature skin and dissolves sebum in oily skin. Use this fast penetrating oil on face, nails, hair, elbows, and cracked heels.   I also found this to be a wonderful help on the small patches of eczema that I get. 

Amazing Face for normal and combination skin is a real heaven-sent product.  I use this daily and my skin glows.   I adore the sandalwood/lemongrass fragrance and it's ability to absorb quickly.  The Aloe Vera in Amazing Face was really a help during this summer season when I got burned cheeks right through my SPF.  I also might of used this to keep my shoulders from peeling (it worked!).
The Body Creme is a thick luxurious treat that comes in an assortment of scents.  Lavender does the trick to keep me relaxed and moisturized all year long.  With Shea oil, Hemp oil, Organic Whole-leaf Aloe Vera, Bulgarian Rosewater, Mowrah butter, Jojoba oil, Beeswax, Sunflower oil your skin delights in moisture derived from nature. 

So all I need to decide now is what other products I want to order right away.  My skin and soul feel Simply Divine. 

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