Monday, August 27, 2012

A Volcano In My Tummy

I knew when I had a child the chance of him/her being a little bit of hothead was probably a given considering how I am.  As an adult I know how to process my anger in a healthy way.   I have reason that tells no matter how mad I am when things do not go my way, I cannot throw myself on to the floor and scream and kick (no matter how bad I want to).  Kids can sometimes lack that knowledge.  The first time my daughter screamed, threw herself around and cried, I had no idea what to do.  How was this little ball of fire supposed to calm down?  Fortunately, I am not the only parents who had this question.  A Volcano in My Tummy by Eliane Whitehouse & Warwick Pudney is there to help.
 A Volcano in My Tummy presents a clear and effective approach to helping children and adults alike understand and deal constructively with children's anger. The book offers engaging, well-organized activities which help to overcome the fear of children's anger which many adult care-givers experience, and distinguishes between anger the feeling, and violence the behavior. Primarily created for ages 6 to thirteen, it is accessible for use in class or at home.

This book offers ideas on how to give children self-esteem which inevitably will prevent kids from getting to high anger points in the long run.  We all get angry, but how we process it is the true test.   A Volcano in My Tummy gives parents and caregivers the tools and the vocabulary to help children deal with their anger in a positive way.  It even had pages where children can use art of express how their anger makes them feel.

I wish this book was mandatory for all kids so we could prevent them from becoming like some of the angry adults we meet. 

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