Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sealed with a Kiss

Lip balm has come a long way from synthetic ingredients and the reek of plastic strawberries.  Stewart & Claire is a fantastic duo made up of

Claire (aka Kristin C Donnelly) is a cook and editor who has always been very particular about her lip balm. Stewart (aka Philip S Cooper) is a musician and wine lover who supports Claire's quest for giving people softer lips. Both think a great lip balm, like a perfectly made cocktail, is one of life's little joys.

  Stewart & Claire is cooking up exciting all-natural lip balms using organic ingredients.  With delicious scents like Summer, Spring, La Nuit, Tiki, Local, Localish, Bare, Mint and Coconut.  Sounds intriguing huh?  Summer lip balm is a combination of essential oils of basil, mint, lavender and coriander seed.  "This cooling balm is reminiscent of your backyard (or fire escape) herb garden. Spring Lip Balm contains tarragon.

My personal favorite is Old Fashioned which is scented with cedar, bitter orange and vanilla and cinnamon.  "...this balm is reminiscent of a bourbon-based drink-or your grandfather's pipe."  There is no choice but to feel a little sophisticated and "glhamorous (yes I meant to spell it that way) daahling".  My daughter loves the Tiki which is like a tropical cocktail, but she is also really into the more exotic Spring and Summer lip balms.  These balms are super moisturizing and so gentle that you feel safe using them on your little ones.  I love the black tube they come in and the ancient apothecary feel of the labels.  I cannot wait to see what flavors Stewart & Claire come up with next.

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