Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Go Camping!

I cannot say we were constant campers when I was a child (my mother never once went with us), but my dad made a good effort to take us canoeing/camping on the local river every year. I loved those trips. I loved swimming while my dad was hard at work paddling the canoe. I loved the comraderie and absence of electronics and white noise that would usually keep us distracted from one another as a family. I got to spend meaningful time with my dad. Simple meals like steak and peppers with onions were gourmet treats. I toasted marshmallows with cousins and we sang. It was pretty idyllic. It struck me that I would love to take my daughter camping, but for some reason I feel out of my element. Something so simple seems to scary to me. Can my child handle the great outdoors? What about bugs? Thankfully I found the fabulous book, The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids:How to Plan Memorable Family Adventures and Connect Kids to Nature by Helen Olsson. This book provides you will all the info you need whether a seasoned camper or a camping veteran. The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids:How to Plan Memorable Family Adventures and Connect Kids to Nature gives you all the tips and tolls you need to plan your perfect camping adventure with people of all ages.
Humorous and irreverent, yet always authoritative, this guide to camping with kids, from babies through pre-teens, is filled with checklists, smart tips, recipes, games, activities, and art projects. Helen Olsson, a seasoned camper and mother of three, shares lessons learned over the years of nature outings with her own family. Learn the basics of family camping, from choosing a destination and packing gear to setting up a campsite and keeping little ones safe. Create the perfect camp menu with simple and tasty recipe ideas. Discover foolproof tips and tactics for keeping kids happy and entertained while hiking. Explore nature through clever and creative camp arts and craft projects. This guide is your game plan to unplugging from the digital world and connecting your kids to nature. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows around a crackling campfire or stretching out on a camp mat to gaze at the stars, the memories you’ll be making will last a lifetime.
I now look forward to making my own camping memories.

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