Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clovertree Apothecary

Amy Bohn saw the need for a line of truly natural and organic skin care.  She created the Clovertreee Apothecary.   Clovertreee Apothecary uses no harmful chemicals or preservatives and instead relies on the plant extracts, fruit and vegetable oils and vitamins and antioxidants that herbalists and apothecaries have been using for centuries.
 Clovertree has created a new line of skin care, bath & body products and herbal remedies that have proven to be effective, beneficial and safe.  Packaged beautifully in reusable apothecary jars and bottles featuring vintage wallpapers, Clovertree has set a new standard for purity, luxury and responsibility in the beauty industry.

We use the gorgeous Cold and Sinus Balm. As someone who suffers with chronic allergies and sinus infections, this balm is heaven-sent.  With a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and camphor, it helps to open my sinuses.  The Myrrh Resin breaks up congestion. This balm also contains skin-nourishing oils like sea buckthorn oil and rosehip seed oil to hydrate the area under the nose.  It is so moisturizing, it can even be using as a lip balm!  I even use this on my temples and the back of my neck when I have a bad headache (usually from my sinuses).  I love the smell, and it is a nice break from the chemical-filled products our mom's forced on us (rhymes with sticks).
We are also in love with the Sugared Vanilla Lip Balm.  It is super moisturizing and smells good enough to eat! It is packed with moisturizers including organic avocado oil, organic babassu oil, organic beeswax and more.  It has a sweet, kissable taste.  My daughter and I both use it before bed.  It has become a staple for me.  

Clovertreee Apothecary is bringing us back to nature without chemical-laden products, and instead using natural ingredients like apothecaries of old.  I am already getting my order ready to try their fabulous skincare.  

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