Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's Do Lunch

With so many choices for lunchboxes and backpacks, I look for the sturdiest construction and the funnest designs.  Dabbawalla Bags is the perfect choice for our family.  
da-ba-wa-lla:  1. A person in India who carries lunch boxes to office workers.
2. A stylish, practical bag for little people  on the go
Frustrated by the lack of functional, appropriately-sized bags available for children, sisters Susan Givens and Carol Mack teamed up to create Dabbawalla Bags.  Inspired by the functional simplicity of European design, the launch product line is sized specifically for pre-school and early elementary school children.  You’ll find no cartoon characters or action figures, no utilitarian oversized styles that mimic adult packs – just simple, colorful designs that kids of all ages can relate to.
The name Dabbawalla was inspired by Susan’s travels in India where she was fascinated with the complex system of lunch box delivery men known as dabbawallas.

 Dabbawalla Bags is a huge  supporter of different charities, and their bags are the top of the list for functionality and fun.  Our newest favorite is the lunch purse, crafted from eco-sponge neoprene.  They are machine washable and they insulate your food.  My daughter loves that they look like a purse!  The Lunch Purse was inspired by the ancient Japanese Knot bag.  Little girls (and big girls) can use them as lunch bags, or to carry essentials.  
They are simple to use and so fashionable.  They are currently available in two styles.  Ditch the plastic baggies and paper bags and grab a Dabbawalla Bag.  

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