Monday, May 21, 2012

Not Your Mama's Paper Dolls

I have long resisted the urge to buy my daughter the paper dolls I loved so much as a kid. This may give away my age, but I actually had Princess Diana paper dolls. I loved them, and I also ruined them (I could have made a mint on eBay!). My daughter has a way of, how do I put this nicely...destroying things. I instinctively knew that she could never have normal paper dolls unless I wanted my house to look like Times Square on New Year's. I was delighted when one of my favorite toy companies came out with paper dolls that could even withstand my daughter. eeBoo does it again! eeBoo makes educational games and gifts for kids. All products are beautifully decorated with illustrations from children's storybook artists. There is a good reason that so many of their toys have been awarded the Oppenheimer Best Toy Award. We own quite a few eeBoo products. eeBoo makes a lot of their toys with simply paper and cardboard, (often recycled) and non-toxic inks. eeBoo manufactures many of its products overseas for a variety of technical and economic reasons. But unlike many companies that manufacture abroad, they work one on one with a small number of prestigious printers whom they know and trust. Their primary sources have been recognized for their “green” manufacturing processes and all have been fully certified to ICTI standards. ICTI Certifies that these businesses adhere to the highest health and safety requirements. The eeBoo Paper Dolls are made with sturdy construction. They come with 2 sided stand-up scenes and two dolls in each set. Also included are 2 sheets of re-usable electrostatic vinyl clothes which means no paper tabs that break off and suddenly your doll can no longer wear the dress. We have Finn & Maeve.
My daughter plays with this set non-stop.
We even take it traveling because the box has a handle for her to carry it. She loves creating her own adventures with these paper dolls, and boys and girls alike love them! eeBoo Paper dolls were s Toys of the Year Award Pick! They are sturdier and more inventive than typical paper dolls, and this set got top marks for inspiring creativity in minimal space. They have also won the coveted Oppenheimer Best Toy Award. These are the paper dolls of the future and they are kid tough and super-fun!

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