Monday, May 21, 2012

Scented World

I know I often mention my affinity for scent. Some people use all unscented items, but I am an olfactory kind of gal. I like my home smelling fresh and clean even when I have bunches of kids and a husband trying to foil that dream. Alora Ambiance has diffusers and room/body sprays that keeps my vision alive. With over fifteen fragrances to choose from, I am never disappointed. Even better, the fragrances never smell synthetic or overpowering.
Alora Ambiance is the result of sisters Annie and Therese Gibbons' 15-year adventure living in Lake Como, Italy. After discovering the age-old Italian wicking method, they decided to design their own "diffuser", as it would come to be known, develop a trio of signature scents and introduce America to the concept they loved so much. Since launching Alora Ambiance in 2000, Annie And Therese have created a cottage industry of competitors yet still remain the category's beloved innovator and Barneys New York #1 selling fragrance diffuser.
If you are not sure which scent is for you, pick-up the vial kit which allows you to try them all. My personal favorite is tre, a blend of vanilla, orange, amber and mandarin; it works for all seasons providing fresh citrus when you want it and warm vanilla when you need it. Alora is adding to their fabulous line with the new soaps!
The soap currently comes in five of their bestselling scents. Alora Ambiance triple milled soaps contain 25% shea butter for added moisture and are made with a sustainable vegetable soap base that does NOT include palm oil. We love the baby-themed bimbi which is a blend of lavender, chamomile, bergamot and rose. For me, fragrance is a huge part of sensory memory, and Alora Ambiance makes those memories special.

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