Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kitchen of Light

Maybe it is just me, but every time the weather gets warm, I get a hankering for seafood.  I have to admit that I am bored with my current repertoire of recipes, so I was looking for a cookbook to help me change things up a bit.  I knew the cookbook would need to be heavy on seafood with some added delights thrown in. I was delighted to find Kitchen of Light by Andreas Viestad. Kitchen of Light is new Scandinavian cooking. Based on the geographical location of Scandinavia, I knew that it would have a lot of seafood-based recipes, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much more it offered.
This charming and personal exploration of Scandinavian food and culture from one of public television's most charismatic cooks engages readers with personal anecdotes and flavorful recipes. In Kitchen of Light readers are transported to Viestad's Norway—fishing for cod, halibut, and salmon; gathering chanterelles, porcini, and wild berries. More than 100 recipes emphasize fresh, simple ingredients in delicious and elegant dishes such as Pepper-Grilled Oysters and Scallops and Roast Dill-Scented Chicken with Leeks and Potatoes. This inspired cookbook, a companion to the public television series New Scandinavian Cooking, is perfect for home cooks, armchair travelers, cultural food enthusiasts, and anyone who yearns for the simple life.
Andreas Viestad is Norway's premier food columnist and he certainly knows his way around the kitchen. I fell in love with the recipes and have so many more I need to try.
My personal Scandinavian cooking journey began with Kitchen of Light recipe for Rosemary Cod with Vanilla-Scented Mashed Rutabaga. I was never sure what to do with a rutabaga, but this recipe changed that. My four year old was begging for seconds and my husband said it was like eating dessert! I have never used rosemary on fish before, but it worked. The flavor was simple but so complimentary to each other. I was definitely cooking outside of the box. My other favorite was the New Potato Salad with Herbs and Green Beans.
I will never eat boring old potato salad again. This recipe is fantastic. I love that their is no mayo (a pet-peeve of mine) and the splash of flavors from lemons to capers and fresh herbs is exciting and perfect for the warmer weather. Kitchen of Light has added a lot of brightness to my dishes and I cannot wait to explore more of the Scandinavian way of cooking.

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