Monday, May 28, 2012

The Name is Product

Once summertime approaches and humidity takes a front seat, I tend to look like Rosanna Danna. I have naturally wavy hair, but summer brings it to a whole different level. I am not personally comfortable with my hair smelling like chemicals, and I do not used petroleum based products. The name is PRODUCT make a gorgeous styling aid that tames even the fussiest hair, with a delicious pleasant tangerine scent.
PRODUCT is a 100% natural hair styling aid made entirely from organic & plant-derived components. Designed for use by both men and women, PRODUCT works well with all hair types and lengths. Carefully hand-crafted in small batches to insure peak quality and effectiveness, PRODUCT is completely free of synthetic ingredients, chemicals and parabens. Healthy for your hair - friendly to the environment. PRODUCT’s simple formula consists of just five natural ingredients: certified organic shea butter, certified organic aloe vera, natural source vitamin E (tocopherol), wild-harvested (pesticide-free) white beeswax, and food-grade tangerine essential oil.
Unlike most products of its kind, it actually conditions hair and gives it a natural shine. I never get that greasy feeling. I use this before the gym, before going out, really every day. If the thought of putting up your little one's hair gives you shivers, then you have to get Lil Product.
LIL PRODUCT is a 100% natural hair styling aid made with just six super-healthy plant-derived ingredients: organic shea butter moisturizes as it offers natural UV protection, organic aloe vera tames and soothes, natural source Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights free radicals to support hair health, organic white beeswax forms a natural barrier to seal in hydration, organic chamomile brings out brilliant natural highlights, and a hint of organic cinnamon leaf oil adds a yummy spicy scent.
The tiniest bit goes a long way. My daughter calls is "cinnamon toast" hair. Because it is 100% natural, I feel save using it on her whenever we need a bit of styling help. Lil PRODUCT is especially handy for her ballet shows where a bun is called for. (Seriously do these dance teachers even realize how much hassle putting up children's hair is?). Baby soft hair stays in place without that shellac look to it. We are definitely PRODUCT converts in this house!

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