Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kathe Kruse and the Magical World of Dolls

The first time I saw a Kathe Kruse doll I was only a few months pregnant. I knew we wanted to raise our child with simple, yet timeless toys. Kathe Kruse dolls and toys were just right for us. The enormous amount of love and care put into each item is evident from the first time you hold one of the beautiful toys Kathe Kruse offers. Kathe Kruse began in a very simple and lovely way.
It was Christmas 1905 when Käthe Kruse´s daughter Maria, also called Mimerle, asked for a doll as a Christmas present. She longed for a doll she could hug and cuddle and care for, a doll like a real baby. Her father, the famous sculptor Max Kruse, went to all Berlin´s stores in order to find such a doll, but all he saw were stiff, cold porcelain dolls. He thought that such dolls could never awaken motherly feelings in his daughter and so he told Käthe Kruse to design her own doll. She started with an exact idea in her mind: the doll should be warm, soft and also a little bit heavy to carry. She took a soft towel, filled it with sand and finally took a potato as a head. The first doll was born! Mimerle instantly fell in love with it, played with it and carried it around all day long. But after a few days the knots got loose, the sanc came out and the potato developed a very unpleasing smell. Inspired by her daughter´s love for that first little doll, Käthe Kruse decided to develop her doll making skills and went on creating dolls for all her children. At that time, she never would have dreamt that this was the beginning of a world wide career!
Kathe Kruse dolls are still made with the same love and care.
“The hand follows the heart” Continuing the motto of our founder, the Käthe Kruse Company has been focused on children for more than 100 years. The Käthe Kruse brand has a responsibility to stand - for faith - quality and safety, - for tradition and culture - a doll to love, an attendant of childhood for generations, - for attitude of life - soft, warm, in good hands, love and trust, - for orientation and values - complex and loving handwork and originality, - for healthy, age-appropriate development - creativity, imagination, speech and feelings and - for good design - happy, stimulating curiosity, colorful, innovative. Our Käthe Kruse brand reflects an optimistic view of the future of “Made in Europe”. Outstanding handwork finds more and more friends. It is not possible to create products of this quality in just any amount and, so, they will always be desirable.
We love the towel dolls and often give them as gifts. They are blankies but better and I know numerous children who have them from birth. I slept with mine before our daughter was born so my scent was on it for her.
The Kathe Kruse Organic Gnome Doll was bought to help my daughter sleep better at night when she started having nightmares. Nicknamed, "Polka Dot Baby," she travels with us and is always waiting on my daughter's bed. The Kathe Kruse Bath Baby Dolls are easy to love inside and outside of bath time.
Bath Baby Nelly is completely divine! Nelly was made using phthalate free vinyl and is suitable for children age 3 years and up. Nelly has a pretty hand painted face with blue eyes. Her blonde hair is actually a wig which keeps it's style really easily as it is quite short around her head with curls around the edge. Bath Baby Nelly can be used in the bath or pool for up to one hour at a time and has tiny holes in her elbows, knees and bottom to allow the water to drain. My daughter has yet to use her Baby Nelly in the bath. She is too busy loving her and feeding her baby fairy girl. With years of quality and gorgeous craftsmanship, the Kathe Kruse line lives on in the arms and hearts of children the world over.

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