Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fresh from The Farmers' Market

I live in New England, so we do not necessarily get to have a Farmer's Market choice everyday, but I get so excited when the weather finally warms up. Warm weather means my local farmer's markets open up with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Between my own garden and the farmer's market, I often have an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. Sometimes things look too good to pass up, and I have to buy it! My family is small, so using all of it in time has been an issue. I admit to losing my creative cooking powers. I often ask myself "What to do with this produce?" Fresh From the Farmers' Market by Janet Fletcher is full of 75 recipes that take you through each season to enjoy its bounty in the comfort of your own home.
With more home cooks falling in love with the unbeatable flavor of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, there has never been a better time to serve fruits and vegetables at mealtime. Each delicious soup, salad, entre, and dessert makes the most of the season's best. Janet Fletcher guides shoppers through the market, sharing tips on selection and storage as well as advice from the farmers themselves, so readers can turn peak-season produce into delicious eating, year-round.
We loved the Penne with green cauliflower, anchovies and bread crumbs. Even my daughter licked the bowl clean. Tonight we are making the Green Bean Salad with cherry tomatoes and ricotta. I love that each recipe it separated into the four seasons which also helps me to know what to look for during that time of the year. Farmers' Markets hold a plethora of fresh delicious wealth and this cookbook helps my family and I enjoy that bounty.

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