Friday, April 13, 2012

Schylling Creating the Future Reviving the Past


I like to think that every adult is a child at heart. I love seeing toys that I played with being used by my daughter. I like toys that embrace the imaginative nature every child has. Schylling is that toy company to bring back true toy play. Jack R. Schylling started by selling a mechanical bird in Harvard Square, and that simple act led to three brothers starting the world-famous Schylling toy company. If you look at some of the toys your children have I can guarantee you will see that famous name.
Everything from planes, mechanical trains to the Flexi-Sphere, Schylling has it all.
I had the extreme good fortune to live near the toy factory and got a personal tour. Schylling is really about family and fun. The employees are gracious and loving. The brothers are children trapped in adult bodies, and their minds are always ten steps ahead to creating more toys and more fun. The factory is a wonderland of toys, old and new. The Schylling brothers even find antique toys online that they then take apart and recreate for a new generation of imaginative kids. Schylling often partners with characters like the lovable Curious George. Most characters comes from books which also connect the child with their favorite stars of their favorite books.

My daughter spent all of Easter morning dancing with her Ribbon Stick, something so simple yet beautiful in its design. And the Flexi-Sphere was a huge hit. It brought back memories for me. My cousins had a Flexi-Sphere when we were little, and we fought over who would get to wear the "crown" when we played royalty. The first thing my daughter did with her Flexi-Sphere was to make it into a crown for her head!

With Schylling's huge array of tea sets children learn the value of sharing, playing pretend and serving up their imaginative concoctions. Schylling makes an array of tin toys that echo the past while bringing inquisitive minds of all ages, hours of fun. The tin toys are officially collector's items, but my daughter and husband fought over the chance to wind and watch her elephant with the ball spinning on his nose as he rode his bike. It was truly magical.
Bring back the simple and fun toys and watch the light in the eyes of children of all ages. Like the Schylling family, we all have a child in us waiting for that special toy that brings it all back.

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  1. Wonderful blog post about a fantastic local company...I, too, live nearby! I practically raised my kids on those toys and they still have a mechanical robot that has stood the test of time. Schylling is one of those companies with a great reputation and it comes from the quality, old school toys WE all can appreciate.
    I'm glad I found your blog today...keep up the great writing!


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