Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scootin' Away`

The minute we get a warm or even remotely warmer day here in New England, my daughter and I are outside soaking up the vitamin D and fresh air. Our favorite way to play is with the Kickboard USA
Maxi Kick Scooter. My daughter loves playing with this award-winning scooter.
The lime maxi kick scooter is the newest, high-performance, 3-wheel scooter, award-winning, Swiss-designed scooter for kids ages 6+, by micro, Switzerland.

The lime maxi kick scooter won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Seal Award for 2009 and was featured on NBC’s “Today Show” as part of a feature on The Best Toys for Summer. The lime maxi kick scooter also was named 'Best Scooter for Kids' by lime maxi kick scooter'a 3-wheel scooter design features the unique lean-and-steer mechanism, offering the feeling of ‘surfing the sidewalks’.
The maxi takes street surfing to the next level with its adjustable pilot stick handle, allowing advanced riders to curve and carve like never before.
Mastering the unique pilot stick steering option takes little practice but provides optimal performance and handling unmatched by other products.
The maxi is also available with an adjustable T-bar steering option that handles just like the mini kick.
The maxi kick’s reinforced fiberglass construction provides exceptional durability for everyday use while remaining amazingly lightweight.
The rear ‘spoon’ brake and double-rear wheels add stability and performance.
Micro Mobility Ltd. asked kids ages 5-11 what they wanted in a scooter when designing the new maxi. Smooth-gliding, with extreme-like handling and performance is what they asked for. The maxi delivers - it is smoother, cooler, tougher!

The turn radius is remarkable on this, and my daughter begs to use it indoors when the weather is not cooperating. Kickboard USA makes a scooter for kids of all ages (yes, parents even you!). We live on a busy street, so I love the control the Maxi gives my daughter. She loves the smooth ride and the feeling of being in control. I may never get her on a bike again. She loves scootin' away all day long.

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