Saturday, April 14, 2012

La Tartine Gourmande and The Charmed Life

I enjoy cooking with my family and I get a rush when they actually like what they are eating. I tend to love cookbooks that are more personal. I love the shared anecdotes by the writer and the food that feels like you are part of their lives. La Tartine Gourmande:Recipes for an Inspired Life by Béatrice Peltre is just that kind of cookbook. La Tartine GourmandeL Recipes for an Inspired Life is based on Béatrice Peltre's, author of the award-winning blog, recipes.
To cook is to delight in the best of what life has to offer—the people and places we love. Welcome to a world where flavors are collected as souvenirs and shared as heirlooms, and where the dishes we create are expressions of our joie de vivre.
With nearly 100 recipes and charming anecdotes, La Tartine Gourmande takes you on a journey, not only through the meals of the day but around the world, as Béa revisits her inspiration for each dish. Though her style is largely inspired by her native France, you’ll find a wide array of influences as she brings creative twists to classic recipes—all while remaining effortlessly healthful and balanced. The gluten-free recipes use whole grains like quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and nut flours, lending surprising depth of flavor and nutrients, even to desserts. You’ll taste the best of her adventures abroad from Denmark to New Zealand, her childhood in the French countryside, and the simple wholesomeness of her charmed life at home in Boston

Each recipe feels like a special gift. I love that she uses so many whole grains in new and exciting ways. Her Zucchini Salad recipe has pepped up a boring chicken dinner. The burst of mint with the spring zing of the Zucchini is the perfect complement.
The Millet, Oat and Apple Muffins have been made no less than four times in two weeks in my home (my daughter is addicted). I think the tahini in these muffins is inventive and offers a creamy nutty taste. I also cannot argue that these muffins are the perfect breakfast with tons of protein and fiber.
I am nuts for the Nutty Maple and Vanilla Granola which marks the first time I have ever made my own granola and it has actually turned out right (and delicious). The blend of lush photography, personal anecdotes and delicious recipes are a delight for the heart, soul and stomach.

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