Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh Orla!

Any mom knows that you need a good bag that you can carry everything in. I often find toys, hair elastics, books just roaming around in my purse. I learned from day one that I am not someone who can carry a small purse or bag. I like room, and I love being able to carry everything. I also learned that my child makes it her mission to get sticky fingerprints and pen, marker, crayon (you name it) on everything I own. I cannot do much about most of those things, but I have it in the bag with my Orla Kiely Shoulder Bag and Zip Around Wallet. Orla Kiely makes fabulous clothing, bags and accessories. Her prints are known around the world and they give you the pop of color you need. I am especially in love with her coated canvas items. If you own an Orla Kiely coated bag, you know it is a cinch to clean, and chances are you will have it for years. Orla Kiely bags and accessories look like new 10 years on.
My Orla Kiely Shoulder Bag has a pocket for everything, and even a key chain so my always-lost keys are now easy to find. Try as she might, my daughter cannot stickify this bag. It cleans up so easily! It is amazing the amount I can fit in this bag.

If I am feeling brave enough to leave the house with only my wallet, I never leave without the Orla Kiely Zip Wallet. It is big enough to fit my checkbook, all cards and change, but slim and sturdy enough to take out on its on.
If you are a mom, and you have kids, you owe it to yourself and your sanity to throw some major style, color and convenience into your life and snap up an Orla Kiely product. Who knows, you may be passing it on to your child when their own kids are chasing them with sticky fingers!

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