Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Smell Pretty

Mother's day is right around the corner. My husband asked me what I wanted. Usually I say "don't get me anything." But this year I realized I would like one thing...a new scent. I am a scent junkie. I love all different scents, but lately I find, the more natural the scent, the better. After having my daughter, I could not stomach the synthetic fragrances that seem to be in great abundance in so many products.

Honoré des Prés has an entire line of all-natural fragrances. They have no petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or perfumes and they are free of coloring agents and phthalates and any animal bi-products. They are all certified organic by Ecocert. They are 100% natural and wonderful. Created by master perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, there is an Honoré des Prés Natural Fragrances scent for everyone. I have been delighted with the five scents I have tried. Chaman's Party is a deep, woodsy fragrance that reminds me of church incense. Vamp A NY a bold tuberose with rum that is perfect for a night out. Nu Green reminds me of the garden at the height of summer when my mint mixes with the fertile earth. Love Coconut is a wonderful mix of vanilla and coconut without being too sweet. I could wear this one everyday. My personal favorite is the Love Les Carottes which is an unusual blend of carrot seed, vanilla and iris butter. I cannot imagine a more perfect and complete spring scent.
The scents from Honoré des Prés Natural Fragrances will grab you and keep you enchanted.
I adore the glass jar packaging of the edt's and the fabulous paper cup for the edp is witty and charming. which makes each scent feel like a special gift just for you. Go ahead, treat yourself to something naturally beautiful.

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