Friday, April 6, 2012

MJ's Herbals

I feel pretty fortunate for the people I meet through this blog. One of my all-time favorite conversations and new friendships is with MJ of MJ's Herbals. MJ's Herbals carries salves that are lovingly handcrafted by MJ herself. She was inspired by her Sicilian grandmother who often used herbal remedies for ailments. MJ realized the healing power of plants. MJ studied plant science in high school and college. She then studies herbalism and holistic healing through her own research and apprenticeships with masters in the field. Her line is true to the belief that simple, organic ingredients can help with life's ailments. She currently handmakes five different salve: Lavender, Arnica, Calendula, First Aid and Breast Balm.
I have the Calendula Salve, and from the minute I opened it, I have been carrying it with me everywhere. The small jar holds huge healing powers.
MJ's Herbals salves have more of a creamy, silky feel - something MJ herself perfected over years of formulating. MJ's Herbals Calendula Salve is an exceptionally effective remedy for inflamed skin, slow healing wounds, skin ulcers, & irritations. We use it for puffy eyes and dry, itchy skin. Although calendula is strong in action, it is gentle on the skin and ideal for baby skin care needs. Feel the healing power of these beautiful garden blossoms! 1.0 oz. (from

The Calendula Salve has been used in our home for everything from rashes, to soothing my daughter's chronically itchy winter skin. A little goes a long way and we see results withing in minutes rather than hours or days. I love that the salves are certified organic, and I feel safe using them on my daughter. The salves are wonderful, but even more healing is knowing the love and care MJ puts into every pot. I truly believe MJ has the gift of healing and she uses the most natural ingredients nature has to offer to help her use this gift.

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