Sunday, April 22, 2012

Locally Grown Clothing Company

Last year I made a promise to myself; I used fruits and vegetables we either grew ourselves or bought from local farmer's markets. I wanted to reduce our carbon footprint by buying locally (meaning fruits and veggies did not have to travel to get to us), and also to support local agriculture and the hardworking farmers in our area. I was please to discover a company with my same mission in mind. Locally Grown Clothing Co. started by selling "locally grown" t-shirts at the local farmer's market in Des Moines, IA. The creators said, "after spending time with local farmers, growers and artisans we learned that it was about much more. It was also about our health, future generations, animal welfare, environmental preservation and protecting family farms." By becoming vendors at the Farmers' Market, they learned all about the challenges that family farms face. Locally Grown Clothing Co. has all of their clothing made in the USA, further adding to their cause (where most companies have their items made abroad to save money, but increasing the impact on our earth).
Locally Grown Clothing Co. is a grassroots, message driven, lifestyle apparel company. We embrace the movement towards the resurgence of Farmers’ Markets, the rise of the organic products, and the renaissance of local agriculture across the country. We encourage supporting local business and empower people to make informed decisions in what they wear, the products they buy, and the food they eat. Locally Grown also provides business opportunities for those who share our vision and desire to bring Locally Grown to their community. Local and regional food systems mean fresh food, vibrant communities, and a strong connection between cities and rural America. Our apparel carries the message that you are committed to supporting local and living in a place where communities, farms and individuals thrive. The decisions you make will help create a world that is sustainable for us all to live in. 

Few things have a greater effect on achieving sustainability on our planet than the choice you make at least three times a day… what to eat. Seek out locally grown produce whenever possible, get to know your farmer, begin to understand your food and join us in what it means to be Locally Grown.
My neighbors often see me about in my tongue in cheek shirt bearing the word "Locavore." I eat locally produced food! My daughter loves her "Locally Grown" t-shirt. It also helped me to open up a dialogue with her on the subject.
Support local farmers and help us spread the message!

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