Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Acure Organics

I knew that I would fall in love with Acure Organics when I read their tag line "A cure for your skin. A Cure for the planet." As we lead up to Earth day, I cannot think of a company more devoted to preserving the earth. Acure Organics products are 100% natural, with certified organic ingredients and they are free of synthetic fragrances and only use 100% steam distilled, pure plant essential oils to scent. Their products are all gluten free (except for the facial cleansers). There is no animal testing and they are licensees of TransFairUSA, the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade Certified Ingredients in the US. Acure Organics is 100% carbon neutral and
any paper they use is either 100% recycled or Forest Stewardship Council certified from sustainably managed forests. The Acure Organics offices are 100% solar and wind powered with Green-e certified renewable energy. The products are all 100% biodegradable. Acure Organics bottles are recycled HDPE, PET, or glass . These materials are the most widely recyclable, food safe and 100% BPA-free.
This family-operated business is dedicated to the environment and helping people look and feel their best with a very small carbon footprint. Acure Organics makes a donation to breast cancer research for every facial product purchased. Each quarter they plant a number of trees to do their part in renewing our natural resources. Acure Organics have planted over 20,000 trees so far through this program. They are proud supporters of the Farmland Trust, which works to convert conventional farmland into certified organic farms. They also sponsor small organic farmers in Panama and Costa Rica with microloans.

In love yet?! I thought so. If as if all this was not enough, the products are nothing short of amazing. I use the Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil body lotion every single day. To say I am addicted to the scent would be an understatement. I love that way it smells and more importantly how good my skin feels. I spoke to a body care specialist at my local natural food store and she said Acure Organics products fly off the shelves faster than they can stock them. I am so excited to try more of their line. This is a company that has real values and their products are beautifully made. I love that they use such amazing scents and that everything is so reasonably priced. Together maybe we really can find Acure!

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