Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's Go to the Farmers' Market

It is an Earth Day celebration on Product Mommy. What better way to celebrate than supporting local agriculture?! By teaching our children the importance of eating locally grown food, we teach them about sustainability, reducing our impact on the earth and supporting local agriculture. If this seems like a big task, it does not need to be. Chronicle Books has an easy and fun way to help children with this important lesson. Let's Go to the Farmers' Market is a fun bundle that comes with a 28-page booklet, Box with an eco bag, 20 activity cards and shopping list. Kids can get in on the fun!
My daughter is gearing up for our local farmers' markets to open. We have been buying from the same places for years. This year we are joining a CSA and my daughter is thrilled that she has her own bag to pick up our veggies and fruits. She is most excited for the upcoming New England Strawberries we buy. They are small, and perfect for freezing (those that actually make it home with everyone reaching to eat them on the way. The shopping list helps her feel involved. This is a fantastic way to open up the dialogue about farmers' markets and their importance in an easy, lovely way for children to understand. Shop locally and support local farmers!

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