Monday, March 19, 2012

Ahava Brings Your Skin Back to Life

I actually started using AHAVA when I was in college. I was in a shop and noticed that a woman near me smelled amazing, so I asked her what it was. AHAVA has a wonderful line based on active deadsea minerals. Their products work wonders for skin. Having actually had the opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea as a child, I know the healing properties is has, and AHAVA explains, minerals are part of your skin's language and it helps your skin to perform better.
As the years have gone on AHAVA adds more wonderful items, and I had to share my favorites with you.

The new Mineral Botanic line has four different scents: Hibiscus & Fig, Honeysuckle & Lavender, Lotus Flower & Chestnut and Waterlily & Guarana. Each one is targeted to your skins need. I have dry skin so I chose the

Mineral Botanic Cream Wash in Hibiscus & Fig
. The smells is literally one of the most wonderful scents I have ever encountered. I am completely in thrall with this body wash. It is so moisturizing, you do not even need to put on body lotion after. My dry itchy skin became delightfully soft. Best of all, no SLS.
This luscious cream wash feels more like a body lotion than a liquid soap. Powered by a richly textured formula of natural Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts, it envelops my skin in accents of hibiscus and fig to provide an outstanding anti-bacterial cleansing.
Hibiscus helps to smooth and moisturizer skin as it promotes the healing of dry skin with natural anti-bacterial properties.
Fig extract contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as natural moisturizers

Of course no matter how moisturizing the wash is, I still love my lotions and oils.
The AHAVA Dry Oil Body Mist is my spring and summer skincare saviour. I love the glow it imparts on my skin. I never feel greasy and I love how healing it feels.
Loaded with the effective anti-oxidant Dunaliella algae, this hydrating mist spray enlivens the senses with the intoxicating scents of mandarin and cedar oils. My skin feels supple and soft and gives off a clean glow.
Sesame Seed Oil and Vitamin E provide anti-aging properties that strengthen skin natural barriers
Vitamin E protects skin against free radicals

When the sunscreens start clogging up my skin , I make sure to turn to the
Purifying Mud Mask. It is very gentle (which is a must for my sensitive skin) and it really changes how my sometimes hormonal skin reacts. It contains Dead Sea mud and minerals which heal your skin. The Horsetail extract making it soothing and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, while the jojoba oil moisturizes your skin.

Bring the benefits of the Dead Sea right to your home with AHAVA.

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