Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Suki Saves Me

When you make the switch to using natural skin and body care, you immediately notice a difference. I liken it to your body detoxing. Suddenly synthetic smells and chemicals are easier to identify and avoid. Winter is here, so we have to work extra hard to protect our delicate skin. One of my favorite lines is Suki . Suki is natural, bio dynamic & uses food grade ingredients. Their packaging is environmentally responsible, and most importantly the the products work. They are all formulated to be effective, yet gentle for people with sensitive skins and those with eczema. We fall into the eczema family in our house. Once it starts getting cold, my daughter always gets a touch of eczema somewhere. While Suki might seem like a brand just for adults, it is so gentle that I use it on my daughter.
We use the
Exfoliate Foaming Body Cleanser. It was formulated for all skin types, especially dry, eczema, dermatitis-prone & acneic skin. I use it on myself and my daughter with amazing results! Her skin is super soft and not itchy anymore.

Butter Cream Healing Salve is perfect for sealing in vital moisture and also for getting rid of rashes. It is a multi-functional, non-greasy, therapeutic balm. Formulate for those with especially dry skin, including babies. especially formulated for eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, rough dry spots, feet & elbows. My daughter had scratched her leg and I put a coating of the Butter Cream Healing Salve. The itching, redness and scratch marks were gone overnight.
I cannot wait to try more products. Their skincare is one of the few brands that actually show results immediately, and never irritate. Go natural, go eco-friendly, go Suki.

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