Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay

Maybe some of you heard about the snow...on Halloween weekend! It was my first taste of being caught indoors, but we actually had some really fun things to do. We recently were lucky enough to get some Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay. With scents like Lavender, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Cardamom,Lemongrass, Chamomile and Bergamot, they are really a feast for the senses. Mama K's was created by Kari Erickson-Valenzuela, aka Mama L. She created her scented Play Clay for use with her own active three-year-old, Olimpia.
Avoiding the artificial ingredients and cloying fruit and soda scents seen frequently marketed to children, she came up with a product that inspires focus and creates a calming atmosphere, all while encouraging creativity.
Mama K's Play Clay is a kid-safe clay with subtle aromatherapy oils to soothe the mind. Ingredients are basic and natural: they include certified gluten free flour, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable colorants and pure essential oils.

I love that the ingredients are 100% natural and suitable for kids with Celiac and Autism Spectrum disorders. The colors themselves are really soothing and not shocking, and the feel is just perfect. They are easy to mold into whatever shapes you want. I have never been a fan of some of the play doughs and clays available, so Mama K's is perfect for me. The scents are delightful rather than artificial. My daughter was hooked from the minute she opened the Geranium play clay and she (and my husband) played for hours. Maybe I imagining things, but it did seem to soothe and calm a cranky, indoor-bound child. I think this play clay does wonders for all of her senses!

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