Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revolution Organics

I often blog about how I am trying to make my life more and more chemical-free. I became a mother and realized that everything I have in our home and especially on my body could come into contact with my daughter. I use the safest things I can find on her, so why not on me? About five years ago I found out a brand of cosmetics I was using contained very harmful ingredients and even worse, they tested on animals. I was horrified! So I threw everything out and could never find multi-tasking products to replace them. This resulted in me often looking a lot pale and a lot tired. I needed something. Revolution Organics was and is that something. Revolution Organics was created by founders Melissa Shabinsky and Alexandra Zanella out of their own desire to simplify their lives and make healthy choices with their beauty products. The Revolution Organics line is USDA certified organic using only plant-based ingredients.
Each ingredient is carefully selected for their skin benefiting properties and all of our formulations combine highly concentrated blends of nourishing organic butters, oils, herbs and certified organic perfume blends to create our beautiful formulations.

My favorite part about this line is that everything is multi-tasking which means less time having to apply different products for busy moms.

The Freedom Lip Gloss is formulated with 100% natural and 85% certified organic ingredients, and is free of chemicals, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial ingredients and parabens. The colors are super-natural looking. They are so moisturizing that I use them like a lip balm.

The Lip Balm smells like oranges and vanilla is a nutrient-packed punch that boots the dry scaly lip look out the door. I wear this to bed at night.

The All-Over Skin Creme is really concentrated and rich. A little goes a long way to getting rid of rough feet and elbows. It has an uplifting citrusy smell I cannot resist.

My favorite go-to product from this line are the Freedom Glow Beauty Balms. They can be used on lips, cheeks, name it! Each color is so natural looking, making me, but better. They are not glittery, flashy teenager makeup. These are dewy and nourish your skin rather than sitting on top of it. They really last all day. With colors Sunkissed, Bronzed and Blushed you will find one that works for you.

Come on ladies, time to clean out the makeup drawer and really commit to an organic, beautiful life.

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