Thursday, October 20, 2011

Potter's Crackers

We are cracker crazy in our house. We love honey, cheese, tahini, you name it, and we love having delicious ways to serve our favorite toppings. After reading labels on supermarket crackers, I became a little discouraged. There are also only so many things I can manage with my dehydrator. On my search for delicious, healthy, tasty crackers I stumbled upon a big winner...Potter's Crackers.
Potter's Crackers are made by Potters Fine Foods LLC. The company was started by Peter Potter Weber and his mom, Nancy Potter, in 2006. Pete is a food science graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Nancy previously owned the New Glarus Bakery (New Glarus WI) for 25 years. The two of them saw the specialty cheese industry in Wisconsin exploding with exceptional cheeses and no deserving cracker to accompany them. They combined their passion for good food to make a cracker that truly delivers the flavors of Wisconsin to you.

Potter’s Crackers are handmade with whole grain, and are produced with Wisconsin milled whole-wheat flour and local milk and butter in Madison Wisconsin. Lots of their ingredients and produce come from small, local farms. Potter’s Crackers offers 10 year-round varieties of crackers and produces seasonal flavors throughout the year to reflect what is available in the local farmers’ markets.

We got to try a few of their wonderful flavors including Apple Graham, Sweet Potato Onion, Garlic & Baby Onion, Long Island Flax, and Hazelnut Graham. We will honestly never be able to eat ordinary crackers again. You can taste the love in Potter's Crackers. My favorite are the Graham crackers, and surprisingly (or maybe not), my daughter's favorite crackers are the Sweet Potato Onion and the Garlic & Baby Onion, both of which are so delicate and delicious. Forget the toppings, these crackers are too good to cover up.

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