Saturday, October 22, 2011

Olive Juice Kids

Kids clothing should always be fun and never fussy. Children are at their best when they are playing and being creative. Clothing should reflect that. I learned my lesson long ago; my daughter and I like clothing that is comfortable easy to take care of. I love easy, breezy, stylish clothing that can stand up to the toughest play. Three years ago, I got a catalog for Olive Juice, and the love affair began. Olive Juice has a full line of clothing that children can be themselves in. The gorgeous colors are bright enough to be fun, without overpowering the child, and the clothing is super-tough.
We have quite a few pieces from this fabulous line. In fact, just two days ago, my daughter took her school picture wearing an Olive Juice dress, aptly named The School Girl Dress. I love that so many of the Olive Juice pieces are unisex and that even the simplest dress can be dolled up or down depending on the day and the mood. Our favorite is the Claudette Dress. My daughter wore it to school and all-day to play. It was adorable layered over a long-sleeved shirt and a cute cardigan added extra warmth. You cannot go wrong with Olive Juice, where style, fun and fashion all come to play.

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