Friday, September 9, 2011


I often see frazzled, busy parents handing their babies and kids their kids to play with. It never fails to make me cringe a bit. Keys can contain lead, and also tons of dirt, particles and germs from your hands. Then there are the sharp edges which could hurt your baby. Of course you can give them another teether, but lets face it, babies are drawn to those shiny, clinky-clanky keys. Kleynimals is the solution. Kleynimals are non-toxic animal keys that come in their own muslin storage bag. The animals faces are adorable, and there are no rough edges.

Kleynimals are made out of Food Grade Stainless Steel so they look, and feel like the real thing. Stainless steel is safe (your forks and spoons you put in your mouth everyday are the same thing, and because it is so easy to clean hospitals and labs use stainless steel. No need to worry about BPA or phthalates. Kleynimals are made in the U.S.. Best part...Kleynimals are dishwasher safe and will not rust. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and the average stainless steel product contains over 50% recycled material.

Kleynimals are win for everyone. My nephew loves gnawing them, and my daughter actually likes to pretend she is using real keys. Mommy tip: remember how they tell you to put a spoon in the freezer to cool a teething babies gums? Well use Kleynimals the same way! Mommy inventors are the best!

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