Monday, September 12, 2011

Crocodile Creek Takes a Peek into the Mind of a Child

Crocodile Creek has been a staple brand in our house since we brought home our daughter. We use their place mats, puzzles and even balls. It was not until recently that we were in the market for a backpack. My daughter started school, and I was pretty uninspired by all of the licensed character items out there. We have them in our home, sure, but I like to avoid certain licensed characters when possible. They feel too over-done and I wanted to make her first day of school a little special.

We happened to take a stroll through a local shop and saw the Crocodile Creek line of backpacks and lunch boxes. My daughter was immediately pulled to the super-unique princess backpack. This was not the usual deal. I saw her eyes light up. She even said "I bet no one will have this backpack mama." She loved that this princess was so special and different from everything we had seen. I loved that is was a BPA, PVC and phthalate-free backpack. It was a match made in heaven. It was like Crocodile Creek designed it just for her. Of course we had to grab the lunch box too (it is also BPA, PVC and phthalate-free). My baby got her fairy tale theme. I love the durable quality of all Crocodile Creek products, and these items are the best! I love how special they are.

I think her first day of school photo really speaks for itself. She is beyond thrilled, and so am I.

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