Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shiny Mama

As we are coming up on the weekend, I am pretty excited because Mommy and Daddy are getting a night out. It happens very rarely...I mean very rarely. I like to try and look my best when going out, but as I have mentioned, I am kind of lazy about putting in too much work. I am constantly on the search for a product to give me that extra pop! Shiny Mama is a fab line of products designed to make you glitter and glow. Think you cannot pull of glitter, gleam and shimmer? Think again. Shiny Mama was created by NYC superstar Yana Chupenko, the original "Shiny Mama".

The products are super user-friendly and subtle enough for even the shyest mum. I usually use one product from the line each time I go out so the sparkle is not overwhelming, but leaves everyone wondering where my glow comes from. The Shimmer All can be used as blush, lipstick, shadow or all-over powder. The sponge component in the cap makes it easy to get the perfect application. I use this as a brow highlighter, and BAM! I instantly look like I have actually slept. Shimmer All is a grown-up glow.

The Gleam All comes in a double-ended pencil (with included sharpener) and allows you to apply Sunray or Frost wherever you need it. It is paraben free. It looks amazing in the corners of you eyes and as liner.

If you usually shy away from sparkles, gleam and shimmer, give Shiny Mama a try and it will bring a little sparkle to your world.

If you want to receive 30% off your order email with ‘shiny rocks’ in subject- let Shiny Mama know what products and amounts you want to order and Shiny Mama will bill you via Paypal with an invoice 30% off total order- and only pay $4.95 for shipping (Priority USPS).

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