Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Agape & Zoe Naturals

It was around the same time that I became a mother, that I could not longer stand the smell of synthetic fragrance. I know that making the switch to natural items and bodycare can be a tough one. It is hard to find scents and formulations you really like. I found Agape & Zoe while looking for a new signature, natural scent.
Agape & Zoe Naturals was founded when the owner/founder, Patricia Malemes, realized there were no natural perfumes or scents that pleased her and none that created and evoked the kind of emotion and feelings that her old perfumes did.

Agape & Zoe Naturals founder Patricia Malemes created a line of natural, safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free scents. You can find everything from solid scents, deodorants, candles, perfumes and colognes. My personal favorites are Faith (a blend of vanilla and tangy grapefruit) and Green (a blend of cucumber, mint and orange). My daughter is partial to Repose (a blend of lavender and vanilla). My husband even made the switch to Aftos, the men's cologne ( notes of juniper berry, lavender, the unique spicy scent of vetiver and bergamot). The scents contain organic grain alcohol and essential oils. I think they smell different on everyone who uses them (which I love!). I plan on picking up a few of the sampler sets for my friends. I think this is also the perfect way to introduce teenagers to fragrance, because everything is so light, gentle and natural.

These fragrances are as unique as their wearers, and as beautiful as nature wants you to be.

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