Saturday, June 11, 2011

E is for Ethics and E is for Environment

Books are a big deal in our home. We read numerous stories every night. My daughter loves discussing what we read. Author, Ian James Corlett wrote two amazing books about important subjects we all want to teach our children about: ethics and the environment. E is for Ethics sprung from Ian James Corlett's own conversations he had with his children after dinner. He decided to create Elliot and Lucy, fun characters to help explain ethics to children through 26 stories. E is for Ethics is a great way to spark conversation. There are helpful questions at the end of each story (better yet the stories are quick and simple enough for even the tiniest little ones to understand). They cover everything from acceptance to how to deal with people who are "different". In this world where bullying continues to be a persistent problem, having these conversations and hearing these stories could be one way in making children understand how to treat one another with respect.

E is for Environment brings back Elliot and Lucy with 26 stories that teach little ones to be eco-conscious. Elliot and Lucy learn to shut the water off while brushing their teeth, bring reusable bags to stores, and even simple things like shutting off lights. My daughter loves the conversations these books spark. She was pretty excited to know she was doing the right thing by reminding daddy to bring reusable bags.

Children will love Lucy and Elliot because they will relate to them. I love that they encourage parent-child dialogue and best of all I love the positive messages in both books.

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