Friday, June 3, 2011

Bungalow 360 Bags

I consider myself a connoisseur of two things: bags and lip balm. I know what I like and I love nothing more than finding quality items. Bungalow 360 was created by Susie Pusch. What started as a handmade small bag and accessory company is now sold in over 2000 stores. The bags and all of the prints are designed by Susie and her husband Franz.

The prints are so fun and each bag has as much character as its owner. We have a few and I cannot get enough.
The Isabella Pocket Bag in the Giraffe print is a big hit. My daughter grabbed it the minute it came out of the box. It is 100% natural cotton canvas with pockets for everything. It easily fits over the shoulder, zips closed and holds more than you can imagine. I am in love!

The Weekend Travel Bag has front and side-zip pockets to store drinks/snacks/you name it! The interior is super roomy and perfect for sleepovers, traveling and a day at the beach. We got the groovy Hummingbird print with peace signs and bright red flowers.

If you want smaller items, Bungalow 360 has what you need. The coated canvas line has everything from deliciously cute wallets like the Sweetpea on pictured to cosmetic bags. The Coated Canvas Wallet is Vegan and super easy to keep clean with a waterproof coating on it. I love the kitschy Sweetpea flower print. I also love the numerous pockets for all of my cards, and the separate spaces for checks, cash, and change. The Funky Flower Coated Canvas Makeup bag is perfect for carting my sunscreen, lip balms and whatever we need. I am getting one to store my items in the car too.

I love all of the Bungalow 360 prints and each bag and accessory comes in numerous print styles for you. This is bag heaven. Better yet, these bags will last long and are easy to keep clean. I love that they are eco-friendly and vegan friendly.

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