Monday, June 13, 2011

The Candied Flower

I am and have always been a bit of a sugar fiend. In order to not eat an entire box of chocolates, I often stick to hard candies and lollipops (always brushing right afterwards...hee, hee). I limit the sugar my daughter has, but I also allow her the occasional lollipop or candy because I never want her to be the kid who goes sugar and candy crazy because she never got to have it. I am picky, and that is why I am always on the search for yummy candy treats that are handmade.

The Candied Flower is an Etsy shop where you will definitely find something delicious. Aymee of The Candied Flower makes all of her own lollipops, cookie and cupcake treats. She was inspired by the Victorians who often put flowers into their treats. Each lollipop we got was a true work of art. The Candied Flower says:

Every single flower we crystallize is either organically grown in our garden or sourced from reputable and local purveyors of organic flowers. We guarantee that every one of our blooms is also free of harmful chemicals, and pesticides.

My favorite flavor was definitely the Coconut Pansy, while my daughter was delighted by the Ginger Lollipop (which coincidentally also settled her stomach when she had a little to much salad). The Candied Flower has gorgeous presentation and is the perfect way to satisfy this sweet tooth. Handmade really is better!

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