Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ze Super Zeros Save the Day!

I do not think there is a person in this world without their faults (excluding me of course, wink, wink). I try to let my daughter know how special she is each day. I embrace her faults and exalt in her gifts. I want to raise a child who knows that no one is perfect. I also want her to know that overcoming her mistakes and faults is an important part of growing up. I was so fortunate to learn about Ze Super Zeros.

Ze Super Zeros are hero friends whose super powers and problems blend. They have their pluses and minuses too - they're super special, just like you!

Each stuffed friend has one "plus" (like they can fly, or climb fast), and they have their "minuses" (afraid of the dark, afraid of swimming). We got Zaza the Mouse, who is great at fitting in small space, but "minus"-she is afraid of the dark. Each Ze Super Zeros comes with a detachable cape which also doubles as a comforter for kids, and a little pouch to store their treasures in.

When Zaza arrived, I was shocked at how quickly my daughter took to her. She was especially enamored with the pouch (I swear my child is half racoon, and she loves storing things).

We also got the Super Zeros Gift Set which included a book (which helpfully explains how each Super Zero has a "plus" and "minus" in a fun lift-the-flap story), a CD with the Super Zeros theme, audio of the book, and fun kid songs, and a Super Zeros cape! We read the book that night, and my daughter insisted on wearing the cape. It prompted her to ask me if i had "pluses" and "minuses" and we talked about what she thinks hers are. What an empowering toy! I personally think schools she be required to have these on hand. Ze Super Zeros open up important dialog with children. Maybe if more kids learned to accept themselves, the world would be a little nicer. Just saying.

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