Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Handmade Fairytale

Buying handmade is really important to me. I try as often as possible to find toys that not only include natural fibers and materials, but also support the beauty of handcrafting. Until Etsy came about, this was quite hard. Etsy has given many artists the chance to express their creativity and talents. I have extolled the virtues of Waldorf dolls. They are usually without a face to allow the child to determine the feelings and expressions where their imaginations lead them. Waldorf also promotes the use of natural fibers like wool. anke4444findels is one of the artisans on Etsy that I am crazy about. She made the most wonderful wool-felted dolls, playscapes, jewelry and natural silks. anke4444findels is a stay at home mom (like myself) who works with many different fibers. She grew up in Germany around arts and crafts, and really believes in the Waldorf approach of natural materials, nurturing creativity, and keeping it simple. Her two girls are great "product-testers".

We got a Princess and the Frog. I think I had it in my hand for two minutes, before my daughter grabbed it and headed upstairs to her playroom to get her "stuff" together. She ended up setting up her own tableau of the princess trying to get into her Gnome house and becoming friends with her Snow White doll. My child is tough on everything! I have seen her break toys in two second flat. She plays endlessly with this Princess, and there not a hair out of place. Because my daughter is really into fairy tales, she thinks every story needs a witch. I was soon back on Etsy writing to anke444findels to ask for one to be special made. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival. I have to say, not only because of the fact that she handmade, but how well the dolls are made, and how charming, I will be back for more. These are needle-felted dolls with love and care and a huge amount of imagination that makes them special. I cannot wait to see more from this wonderful Etsy seller. Any child would be blessed to receive one of her beautiful creations.

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