Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fairytale of a Good Earth Fairy

I know I seem to constantly harp on this, but I simply adore rag dolls in all of their guises. I personally was comforted by my rag doll made by my Nana on more than one night, and I still have her. Plastic baby dolls and even stuffed animals never seemed to do the trick to help me relax. You would be surprised how hard it is to find a good rag doll these days. I stumbled upon a modern fairytale twist rag doll while perusing the miYim website.

miYim is known for its organic cotton toys that are dyed with only natural dyes. miYim thinks about the safety of our children, as well as the environment. We have a few of their plush toys, and we love them. miYim toys comes in their own recycled boxes, which make them an easy and wonderful go-to gift for children.

The newest doll is the Good Earth Fairy. This natural cotton rag doll has linen accents. Her soft coloring gives her a vintage feel. Good Earth Fairy has an extremely soft body that just beckons you to give her a cuddle. She has become the saving grace when it comes to getting Product Toddler to sleep. Good Earth Fairy is so easy to cuddle. Her embroidered features make her safe for even the littlest babe out there. Pleasant dreams...

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