Saturday, October 16, 2010


It is always lovely when the leaves turn and the weather gets a little chill to it. On the other hand, we are able to spend less and less time outdoors, which leaves me scrambling for fun ideas and toys to play with in our home. I found Ecoleeko while I was on my search. Ecoleeko was created by one woman looking to work with sustainable materials. She also loved making dolls, and she combined these two interests to make Ecoleeko. All Ecoleeko products are made with ecofriendly construction materials. Ecoleeko uses only plant based fabrics and stuffing is used.

We got to try the Bean Bag Friends. They are super duper soft toys made from organic cotton fabrics and Bamboo fleece fabric. Each Bean Bag Friend is filled with buckwheat hulls which make the most wonderful sound when your child shakes, snuggles, or throws them. Each face is hand-embroidered with bamboo blend yarn. They come in fun shapes like star, heart, mushroom, leaf and cloud. My daughter loves how soft they are and she adores the sound they make. She is a big fan of shaking them, and playing "hot potato" with them. They are also the perfect take along toy, and with the set, more than one child can easily play along. Sometimes my child uses them as props for imaginative play scenes. These are a super cute way to send your child to school with a little something special to comfort them too! I am looking forward to getting more from Ecoleeko for the holidays for friends and loved ones. No batteries need, no plastic, no harmful materials...only good wholesome fun, fun, fun!

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