Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kowalli Protects Your Little Koala Bear

When I had my daughter, she pretty much stayed attached to me from morning until nighttime. I always had her in a sling, or baby carrier or some sort. Then winter entered the picture.... I found I was never going outside anymore. She was not a big fan of the stroller in the beginning,and I demolished more than one blanket in the snow and slush trying to cover her in the carrier. I wish so badly I had known about Kowalli then. Kowalli is made of American materials, including highest quality Polartec™ fleece and is sewn right in New England. The Kowalli fits right over your outwear and over baby in the carrier. Your child is protected and kept nice and warm (and so are you). You can easily slide it on and off, and it fits a large range of sizes. I tried mine with a young child, and my husband also used it, and it was super cozy and comfy! It even has a nice pouch in the front to keep your hands warm. The elastics on the top allow your to tighten for your comfort level. Baby wearing just got even easier to do year round. I already know three moms who saw it, and loved it. They have added it to their holiday wish lists!

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