Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Moncalin mon calin (in two words) literally means “my cuddle”, and that is just what their toys become for your little ones, their favorite cuddle pal. Their toys are simple and classic, but with a contemporary flair that parents and children love. You have probably seen a Moncalin stuffed toy or Lovee. We are huge fans of the Flat-Cats. They are so soft and with very little stuffing, they are wonderful to hold. They are simple cat shapes in a generous 14” size. Their hands are knotted and they have the Moncalin tag on one side to offer different sensory experiences for your little ones. They come in so many color combinations that you may have a hard time choosing just one. The minute we got our chocolate and pink Flat-Cat, Product Baby was in love. She switches her “favorite” stuffed toys, but this one has not left her side. In fact, a recent beach trip caused an emergency washing of Flat-Cat, and it came out looking good as new. I love how simple it is, and how it is not only a Lovee, but also a stuffed friend. How comforting!


  1. I love Moncalin products!!! They are the softest, cutest cuddling stuffed toys. My daughter has almost the entire collection: pig, cat, flat cat, lovee and the most recent plushed elephant! There is not one night that she is not sleeping with one of them. We do also have the blanket that is soo useful to cover her on her stroller when we get outside the house! We just absolutely LOVE them!


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