Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beauty in Jar? Yes, Indeed!

I am a multi-tasker and I like my products to be the same way. As I have become more aware of what I put on my body needs to be just as safe and natural as what I use on my daughter, I have taken a new approach to skincare. While looking for a website that sold natural items, I came across Green Mountain Organics, an organic lifestyle store based in Vermont.. The website carries everything you need to live a healthy and organic lifestyle from clothing and skincare for you to toys for your children.

While looking through all the site had to offer for skincare I came across Green Tara Calendula Rose Balm. It is made from herbal infused oils, and organic essential oils and herbal extracts. It can be used to give your skin a lovely glow and helps heal dry, irritated skin and rashes. With the delicious mix of organic Olive oil, Organic Calendula, Raw Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba oil, Vermont Beeswax, Organic Calendula Extract, Essential Oils of German Chamomile, and rose. Yes, ingredients you can pronounce and actually recognize! I was not surprised to learn that this is a bestselling product at Green Mountain Organics. I love that it is also handmade. It comes in a very beautiful cobalt glass jar, and a little goes a long way. I use it to brighten up my cheeks, and I had a friend in playgroup ask me what I had changed, because I looked so refreshed…it is that good! A week ago I was stung by a bee, and it left me with a rash and very irritated skin. Everything hurt, but the Green Tara Calendula Rose Balm healed my skin right up. Did I mention it smells like roses? Living organic just got more beautiful!

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