Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stylish Girls

Emi-Jay Hairties were created by two teenage girls. They decided they wanted a fabulous hair accessory that would not leave dents in hair, but also could be worn as bracelet when you just do not feel like a ponytail. These two fashionistas have created a line of Hair Ties and headbands that are fun and functional. They even donate a portion of their proceeds to Locks of Love. These two ladies have taken Hollywood by storm, and have top hair stylists and celebrities using their line. I was pretty impressed when I got my Hair Ties. They were so colorful and Product Baby who usually cries about having to put up her hair was game for a ponytail that day. She then proceeded to put each hair tie on her wrist and wore them all day long as bracelets. I love that they do not snag her hair when I take them out. That is a huge bonus!
I love the entreprenauing (yes, I made that word up) spirit of Emi-Jay and I love that these two young girls are giving back! I am a huge fan of the Hair Ties with a Crystal Bead, which dress up my outfit in such an easy and fuss-free way. Be sure to check Emi-Jay out!

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