Monday, June 7, 2010

Hoosier Magnolia

I love buying handmade items. I was raised with my grandmother and mother making my childhood dresses and lots of my outfits. I know that handmade items often last longer than mass-marketed store brands, and I always felt there was a little extra love in each handmade piece. Local New Englander Michelle Jones has a line called Hoosier Magnolia. Hoosier Magnolia is a line of clothing, mobiles and quilts for children. The whole line is big on creativity and cuteness. Each piece is handcrafted by Jones. She finds each animal she uses on her pieces within cool fabrics and then hand-cuts them and appliqu├ęs them on. Each piece is unique. We got a wonderful Pink Deer T-Shirt from the Tees selection. I hardly had it out of the box before Product Baby was stripping down to put it on. The t-shirts are generously sized, so your child has some wiggle room. I cannot wait to buy one of the dresses for my daughter’s fall clothing. Hoosier Magnolia is one shop you will be visiting frequently as there is so much to choose from and you will always find the perfect gift for all the little ones you know.

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