Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Original Tree Swing

As an adult, the toys I most remember were often the simplest. If you think back really hard, I bet you can picture those lazy summer days swinging outside and building castles and towers with your friends. The Original Tree Swing is a company that is family owned and operated in Minneapolis, MN. The Original Tree Swing are "committed to developing open-ended toys made from all natural materials. Our toys stimulate the senses, stir a child’s natural curiosity, and awaken their creative impulses." They are the kind of toys that last for generations, and really bring you back to simpler times. Most of the items are hand made from reclaimed wood and are finished in beeswax and mineral oil. Even their shipping materials are reclaimed and recycled.

One of our favorite toys from The Original Tree Swing is The Tree Swing. These Tree Swings are hand made from local reclaimed Ash, Elm, or Maple. After each seat is kiln dried and sanded a light coat of mineral oil is applied to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The seat is then attached to 20 ft of the best 3/4" natural fiber rope available (No oil or chemicals; so it's safe for children.) We attached outs to a tree, and it has provided hours of fun (for both me and my child). It is so simple, but so fun! I was delighted with how easy it was to install (simply tying some knots over a sturdy branch). Product Baby rolled a log to help her step up to get on, and now she does it all by herself.

The other item we fell in love with were the Memory Stackers. The Memory Stackers are hand carved and they each have a number on them. They can be used for memory games as well as for stacking on top of each other to make a plethora of designs. In our home, they are currently they are in use as "zookeepers" for a corral of blocks and wooden animals.

I am thoroughly enchanted with this company. I cannot wait to get more handmade items. I love that they are just as much fun for child, as they are for me. I love that they allow my child to use her imagination. No blinking lights and plastic here! So take a swing from a tree branch and remember being a kid again!


  1. How fun. Looks like a great product and it's wood! Yay:)

  2. Sounds like a great company. I'll have to check them out.


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