Monday, June 28, 2010

Imagine Childhood

Have you ever gone to an e-commerce site and thought “I am home?" That was how I felt the first time I went on the Imagine Childhood website. Imagine Childhood has every kind of toy and book you would ever want your child to have. The whole site is there for children to really connect with nature and explore their world around them through play. I love that they choose the products they carry based on their “Five Questions":
• Does the product promote exploration, creativity, and/or unstructured play?
• Is it fun and exciting?
• Is it Fair Trade and made of sustainable or eco-friendly materials?
• Can it be reused again and again, and in varying applications?
• Does it provide learning opportunities?

How wonderful is that? And even though not everything on the site fits all five criteria, quite a lot of them do. It is the first place you should go when looking for that special something for a child that they will have forever.

We got a handmade fairy. Each fairy is handmade by SmartlittleonesTM on Bryn Du Farm in Colorado. The wool on each fairy actually comes from the sheep herd on this farm, and the creators can tell you which sheep it came from. That is truly amazing! These little fairies are great for imaginative play, and ours currently resides either in Product Baby’s Gnome home, or on her play shelf. It is exquisitely made and so wonderful that I had to stop myself from grabbing it to display rather than play with.

I am so glad that sites like this exist. This is the kind of website that realizes that play, nature and some imagination are all a child needs…and batteries and flashing lights have no place in this childhood!

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  1. Oh my word! Thank you for bringing this site to my attention!! I NEVER would have found it if you hadn't blogged it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I wanted to order every.single.thing from that site. Oh my. Thanks!!! :D


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